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If you have been injured by the negligence or wrong-doing of others, are involved in a transaction gone wrong or some other problem about your property, business or expectations, your best protection against expensive, lengthy litigation is a trial attorney with significant experience in these matters.

About The Attorney

Sid Childress, New Mexico Attorney

My office is in Santa Fe, but I practice law throughout the State of New Mexico.

I’m “a Longhorn” (University of Texas at Austin – class of 1990). I
enlisted in the Marine Corps before attending UT and was in a
reserve unit while I attended UT. I was honorably discharged in
1990, one month before Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait to start
the first Persion Gulf War. After UT and my stint in the Marine
Corps, in 1993 I finished law school at the University of Southern
California.  From 1994 to 2005 I was a busy sole practitioner in
Austin, Texas.  I picked many juries during this time period in
commercial, real estate, consumer law and personal injury cases.
As Austin is a very wealthy community and I practiced law there
during its “high-tech” boom of the late 90s and early 2000s, I also
handled many divorces involving the division of high net-worth
marital estates, including businesses, stock-options and intellectual

I have practiced law in New Mexico since 2006.  I provide proactive
lawyering to help people and their businesses solve problems.

Practice Areas

I maintain a New Mexico statewide law practice to help people and their businesses with these types of matters:

Real Estate & Probate

I have helped solve a wide range of types of legal issues for businesses, individual property owners, commercial tenants, landlords, contractors, developers, investors and brokers.

B2B Debt Collection

I am prepared to use all legal processes available in the most thorough manner possible to help creditors with difficult accounts. I will attempt to collect all legal fees, court costs and interest...

Consumer Law

“Consumer Law” is a very broad subject including issues about warranties, sales, lending, housing, real estate, contracts, defective services and injuries from defective products...

Business Law

Defending people against false allegations, Fiduciary Duties and Fraud, Unfair and Deceptive Practices, Trademark litigation (“Lanham Act” cases), Defamation and slander...

Divorce & Alimony

Effective legal service in domestic relations cases requires professionalism and sensitivity to the feelings of the parties involved. I am here to help people through difficult times in their personal lives...

I Sue Telemarketers

It is illegal for telemarketers to use machines and pre-recorded messages to dial your cell phone. If you have a landline that is listed on the Do-Not-Call Registry it is also illegal for telemarketers to...