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Effective legal service in domestic relations cases requires professionalism and sensitivity to the feelings of the parties involved. I am here to help people through difficult times in their personal lives.

I have handled hundreds of divorces and other family law cases and will provide the necessary legal services promptly and efficiently.

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I have extensive experience with divorces involving the division of marital estates, businesses, real estate and retirement plans, and claims of alimony or spousal support. I use common sense, sound judgment and courtroom lawyering to benefit clients with the best result possible under the circumstances. I keep my overhead expenses low and pass on the savings to clients in the form of lower hourly rates. I don’t require large retainers or set my clients up for failure by charging ridiculously high fees.

New Mexico is a “community property” state. Property and debt acquired during the marriage is community property and will be divided 50/50. There are some exceptions, such as inheritances and personal injury settlements. 50/50 division of the property would seem simple enough, but sometimes there are issues about the valuation of property that must be decided before it can be determined what a 50/50 division is. Claims for alimony or spousal support can also complicate the matter, as what may seem a fair and reasonable amount to one party may seem arbitrary and unduly burdensome to the other.

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