Open Government and Public Information in New Mexico

If you have made a request to any government agency for public information, and been denied that information or stonewalled with excuses or demands for exorbitant “research” or “copy” charges, call Santa Fe Attorney Sid Childress at 505-433-9823.

State and federal laws provide ample legal remedies for you to obtain the information you requested and if you have to sue to get it, the government agency that failed or refused to comply can be held liable for your court costs and attorney fees.

In a free democratic society where government serves the people and not vice versa, a citizen’s right to know is the rule. Secrecy is the exception and there better be a good reason for secrecy, not a nefarious or illegitimate one. All persons are entitled to the greatest possible information regarding the affairs of government and the official acts of public officers and employees.