Business to Business Debt Collection in New Mexico

Its hard enough to do business in New Mexico, to provide a good product or quality service, to pay your taxes and create jobs, without being taken advantage of by deadbeats and con-artists who won’t pay what they owe you even though they have the ability to do so. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people out there who unethically and dishonestly try to make their fortunes at the expense of others. They lie. They cheat. They steal. They lack morals. Their word isn’t worth the paper its written on.  Sometimes you don’t learn the true character of such individuals until they are defrauding you.

If someone will not pay you or your business money they owe even though they have the ability to do so, Call Childress at 505-433-9823.

Isn’t it convenient how they liked you, your products and your services until they had everything they wanted? Then when it came time to pay your bill they began inventing frivolous, ridiculous excuses. They don’t fool me one bit.  When I am hired to handle these kinds of people, they soon figure out they picked the wrong person to play their crooked little games with.   I litigate  business-to-business  debt-collection  cases like the junkyard dog.  I chew on deadbeats and con-artists until they beg to pay a settlement.

A Common Mistake many Creditors make.  Understandably, many business-people are reluctant to refer a debt to counsel for collection. The main reason for this is they feel they will lose money, even if the debt is promptly paid, because they will have to pay an attorney for services necessary to collect the debt. Many creditors keep trying “a little more” before referring the debt to an attorney.  Often, “a little more” turns into many more months of delay and wasted in-house effort with no results.  I am prepared to use all legal process available in the most thorough manner possible to help creditors with difficult accounts.   I will attempt to collect all legal fees, court costs and interest from the debtor in addition to the debt.

Time is of the essence in collecting debts.  I recommend businesses have a policy in place regarding the extent and length of in-house collection efforts for difficult commercial accounts. A debtor should be warned for the last time that the matter will be sent to an attorney, when the account is 3 to 6 months past due. It is a mistake for a creditor to make repeated frustrated efforts to collect a difficult account over a prolonged period of time. The longer you or your business wait to refer a difficult account out for collection, the more likely it is the debt will never be paid. This is true for many reasons.

My satisfied customers have included:

  • CPAs, accountants, engineering firms, inventors and other providers of professional services;
  • commercial debt collection companies who need litigation support
  • waste management and disposal companies
  • wholesalers, distributors and suppliers
  • importers and exporters
  • manufacturers
  • shippers and trucking companies
  • other providers of business products and business services

I will consider accepting creditor-side business-to-business debt-collection matters on a contingent-fee basis, which means you pay me nothing until I make your debtor pay the money you are owed.  Although there are no guarantees, my goal is to collect 100% of what you are owed. Don’t let a bad account disrupt your life or business.   Call Santa Fe Attorney Childress today at 505-433-9823 and we will resolve the matter as quickly as possible.