My $93,000,000 Case

In 2017 I settled a class-action lawsuit against I argued this case on appeal before our now US Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch.  You can read his opinion describing the case at Hammond v., 844 F.3d 909 (10th Cir, 2016)   Class-action lawsuits can be socially beneficial.  It isn’t unusual to see big corporations allegedly taking advantage of individual consumers in small little ways, where each individual person loses only a small amount of money.  But the company’s conduct can appear to be planned, methodical and perhaps even intentionally done to large numbers of people.   The profits to big corporations resulting from little wrongs done repeatedly to many people over time, can add up to millions of dollars.  In the case decided by Justice Gorsuch, I argued the case should be in state court, which was where I filed it.  But if over $5,000,000 is “in controversy” in a class-action lawsuit, federal courts have jurisdiction.  So said this lawsuit arguably affected over 300,000 people and, based on that, Justice Gorsuch opined that $10,000,000 was at issue and possibly as much as $93,000,000,

Consumer protection lawsuits can be interesting and challenging.  To get good results in these types of matters, your lawyer must pay attention to the details and must understand the sometimes very complex laws that apply.  I have a long track record of successfully handling consumer protection litigation.  Read more at Consumer Protection  I am not on “a learning curve” as to these kinds of case.   I have studied and applied the various consumer protection laws extensively for 25 years now, and I know what factual details of an individual case are important from the beginning.  I have handled many of these types of cases all the way through jury trial and verdict.

I also successfully handled a series of class-action lawsuits in Austin, Texas well over a decade ago, that resulted in cash payments to over 4000 apartment renters.  These were cases in which the managers of large apartment developments were improperly billing their residents for utility charges without certain disclosures being set forth in the leases as required by Texas law.  These laws are important because they protect against abusive and fraudulent billing practices by making sure people are properly informed about how they are charged for utilities.  I also handled some cases that forced the owners of some large apartment complexes to install security devices such as peepholes and deadbolts in all their apartments’ doors, and I made one owner of a large apartment complex repaint the entire development because it was infested with graffiti.

A current project I am working on is I am litigating some cases to class-action status against telemarketers who unlawfully robo-call and auto-dial cell phones, thereby harassing many many people every day and willfully invading their privacy in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act  (“the TCPA”).   I sue telemarketers.  So if you are sick and tired of those pesky and sometimes daily unwanted telemarketing calls, calls that continue despite the fact you registered your phone on the National Do-Not-Call Registry, give me a call and I’ll explain how you can charge telemarketers $1500 for each unlawful call.


About Sid Childress

Sid Childress is a Santa Fe, New Mexico attorney who is licensed by Texas in 1993, New Mexico in 2005, and for United States District Courts for the District of New Mexico, and the Eastern, Northern and Western Districts of Texas, Laguna Pueblo Tribal Court. Whether you are in Sandoval, Bernalillo, or Santa Fe counties, or throughout New Mexico and Northern and Western Texas, Sid Childress can help with your legal needs.