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If you have been injured by the negligence or wrong-doing of others, are involved in a transaction gone wrong or some other problem about your property, business, or inheritance,  your best protection against expensive, lengthy litigation is a trial attorney with significant experience in these matters.  Do you want the best outcome possible with the minimum stress and expense?  Hire an attorney who knows how to handle the matter from the beginning, not one who wants to “become” experienced with your case.  Explore this website to learn more about my experience and the types of matters I focus on.

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About Attorney Sid Childress

I am a New Mexico civil trial and litigation attorney based in Santa Fe and Albuquerque.  I have picked around 40 juries in complex civil cases and have participated in many more non-jury trials, mediations and arbitrations in diverse areas of the law, representing both Plaintiffs and Defendants as lead counsel.  I have the confidence, experience, skill and financial resources to accept difficult cases where the stakes are high.

I’m “a Longhorn” (University of Texas at Austin – class of 1990).  I finished law school at the University of Southern California in 1993.  As a full-time trial lawyer since then, I well-understand that effective solutions to tough legal problems often require more than just understanding “the big picture”.  To prevail in the difficult, life-changing cases your advocate must take advantage of all the details.  Diligence, common sense, sound judgment and knowledge of the law are all very important qualifications for any attorney.   If you want aggressive, proactive representation that is cost-effective and personally tailored to your particular situation, give us a call and let’s see what we can do for you.